Switch Panel

The MFC Offroad center console switch panel is the only solution capable of implementing factory looks with no loss in functionality of the media center electronics. We designed a solution to relocate the media center, to allow fitment of a panel that can incorporate air gauges, rocker switches and even the Genesis Offroad G-Screen. Fitment allows continued use of the Selec-Trac System, as well as the ambient LED light found under the HVAC controls. Material is a satin black anodized aluminum face.

Fitment requires minor modifications to the forward plastic to allow the console panel to fit. A full and complete set of instructions are found below to assist in the removal of the console, where to trim the plastic, and reassembly. 

The three variations are described below:

1. 6 gang rocker: Standard design with placement for 6 switches from left to right

2. 3 gang rocker | PSI gauge opening | 3 gang rocker: 3 switch allocation on both left and right side of a psi gauge that is commonly run with Airlift 1000 rear helper airbags CLICK HERE

3. 3 gang rocker | G-Screen | 3 gang rocker: 3 switch allocation on both left and right side of a Genesis Offroad G-Screen commonly used with a second battery setup CLICK HERE