MFC Offroad Fox Suspension

If you want longer travel, this is where you will find it! However, Jeep made it incredibly hard for us to figure it out. The unfortunate thing is long travel suspension cannot be done in the front due to the deflection and limiting aspects of the lower control arm mating with the sub-frame. When the tire is off the ground, that's the absolute lowest it will go. 

But with our engineering and hard work, we were able to squeeze an additional 4 inches of travel out of the rear suspension. Extensive research, no corners cut. Introducing the first and only off the shelf FOX rear suspension package for the KL platform. Designed around longer travel while maintaining acceptable angles on CV boots. Shown in the picture above, we are utilizing Dobinson's springs that were custom made for us for our over-landing application in conjunction with the MFC 2" spacer lift. 

To achieve a factory bolt on application, we designed a custom machined upper mount for the FOX shock, along with a custom machined eyelet for the lower mount to the knuckle. Our design will ensure no bottoming out at both full extension and compression, to lengthen the life of your shocks. You can get even more travel if you disconnect the rear sway bar with our quick disconnects. We advise that you only disconnect on the trail and reconnect when back on the road.