MFC Fender Flares

Prototyping is done. Templates are made. The final product will be cnc routed out of a virgin high impact polymer blend that is dent resistant, very durable and conforms to the lines of the Cherokee. The template will be fitted around Trailhawk and non Trailhawk model fenders for fitment and will fit all Cherokees. They will come with an extremely aggressive double sided adhesive capable of 120 lbs of shear strength per square inch. Simulated rivets will give it the look of a custom installed unit and will allow even the novice of car enthusiasts the ability to install.

Please note, these will come primed and ready for paint. We advise that they are installed prior to paint, due to less handling and the possibility of damaging the freshly painted pieces.

Please note, this is not VAPORWARE. This is finally coming to light! MFC Offroad will own their design of this kit for these reasons:

1. As these are only appliques to the top of the factory flares, they will only resemble the concept vehicle, and not utilize the engineered design of wider flares.

2. MFC Offroad designed these without having to cut and widen the fender areas, therefore relating to our custom sized product that we own.

3. Tell someone it's impossible to make and can't be done. That seemed to be the word on the street with the Cherokee platform a few years ago. I guess we proved them wrong then, and it's time to do it again!

Sorry for the blurriest photos taken over a year ago. Ready to answer anyone's questions or inquiries!

These are currently under development. 

Please make sure you forward all inquiries to our contact page for details, pricing and lead times.